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Having a blue day? This might just be what you need!

On Sunday I did a roadtrip to visit one of my sons. During the visit he showed me a book a friend had given him. It's called "The Blue Day Book", and it's something really special. I read the entire book (admittedly it was mostly pictures and very few words), and I just want to share it here.

The best description of the book that I have found is from a review from Better Reading which says:

"We all have our bad days – they are an intrinsic part of being human. The solution is to see each incident in perspective, recognize that our feelings of failure and loss are neither unique nor enduring, acknowledge the absurdities of our existence, and glory in the potential we all have. In fewer than one hundred sentences The Blue Day Book conveys this message with great compassion and humour, taking us through the complete evolution of a blue day – what it feels like, what causes it, how to get over it".

If you can grab a copy I think you could only be encouraged by it!!


Better Reading Review

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