• Judith


Don’t we all want to feel appreciated and valued!! Many of us play a multitude of different roles…wife, mother, husband, father, sibling, P&C President, netball treasurer, soccer referee, business owner and the list can go on. Often, we don’t get that gratitudinous feedback that most of us yearn for, and not necessarily because we aren’t appreciated, but more so because our lives are so busy people just don’t or can’t find the time to feedback.

As well as being a mother and business owner, I also run several Facebook groups. They started out as a way of volunteering for my local community when personal circumstances prevented me from leaving the home to work or volunteer. After 6 years they are still going and the community noticeboard group that I run has proved useful not just to post local events but to keep on top of disastrous times such as bushfire, drought and now covid-19. Moderating these groups can be so enjoyable but often abuse can be rife. Then there are those members that express their appreciation through messages behind the scenes and that appreciation gives life to encouragement and a sense of purposefulness.

And then there was a few weeks ago, when early one morning there was a knock at my door. When I opened it, a lady handed me this beautiful plant and envelope. I don’t know if she was the author of the note, and I didn’t know her. But I do know once I got inside, opened the envelope, and read the note , I realized what it all was about, and it brought some tears to my eyes. This note of gratitude has touched my heart in so many ways. Thankyou lovely lady and may we do the same for others!

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