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Andanté Place is situated on a private property in a quiet street away from the main CBD. 

Street parking is available as is wheelchair access to the front entrance of the building.

Toilet amenities   are available but do not have wheelchair access. Andanté Place does not have a reception room but appointments are staggered to avoid waiting. The premise is airconditioned.

Jed enjoys going to work with me. He will spot you coming from inside Andanté Place and can be quite vocal about it! Although he is a people lover, I will seek your consent for him to remain on the premises while we chat!



Business hours 

Monday           11 am to 5 pm

Tuesday          11 am to 5 pm
Wednesday   11 am to 5 pm
Thursday        11 am to 5 pm
Friday              11 am to 5 pm

Saturday         11 am to 5 pm

Opening hours and appointment times may vary.
All services are by appointment only.

Are services









Counselling and Autism Services Consultations are 60 minutes in length and $70 for full fee paying clients. If you have a  Pensioner Concession Card or Health Care Card you will be charged the discount rate of $35 per session.​ 

Medicare and Private Health fund rebates are not available. However, my charges should closely align with any Medicare gap payment charged under a GP Care Plan or Mental Health Care Plan. Choosing a non-Medicare service can allow more variety in the type of interventions you can access and also greater privacy regarding the sharing of your Mental Health Information.

Piano/Theory/Muscianship Tuition is $20 for 30 to 60 minute lessons


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